Lived Experience is a Pacific Hepatitis C Network project to allow the sharing of stories about life with–before, during and after–hepatitis C. Whether you have recently learned you have hep C, have successfully been treated and cured, have a loved one who has experienced hep C, or have another experience related to lived experience of hepatitis C, our community would love to hear from you.

Use the Stories tab to find stories others have submitted, and use the Share Your Story tab to send your story to us–you are welcome to share it using your real name, anonymously, or under a pseudonym.

Your story can make a big difference to someone else knowing they aren’t alone in their experience with hepatitis C. Whatever your story is, it is important–even if you feel like it is “not that big of a deal”, it may help someone else who is facing a similar circumstance right now.

If you need peer support in navigating hepatitis C, consider reaching out to a peer navigator at Help4Hep BC.